Fitness Training

Comprehensive fitness training in Coventry

Fitness training yields the best effect with the right equipment and the support of qualified trainers. Fitness Factory offers a great platform for your fitness goals. No matter the aim, we will help you get there.

Guiding you towards your fitness goals

Are you looking to shed those extra pounds and get back into shape? Fitness programmes from Fitness Factory may be ideal for you. At our gym, you can get the right training and facilities to help you stick to a good diet and exercise plan. Whether you need fat reduction, body toning or other specific fitness results, our trainers can help chart a programme tailored for your needs. Besides providing state-of-the-art facilities, we also provide professional assistance for your nutritional plan including safe and nutritious health supplements. Enrolling with us is a positive and definite step towards your fitness goals.
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   Fitness Classes
We offer a wide range of classes for all fitness abilities which take place all throughout the week.
Functional training with James. - 7:00pm.
Totally shredded with Caroline - 10:00am.
Stretch and core with Caroline - 6:00pm.
Men's boxing - 9:00am
Ladies Boxing/Circuit - 10:00am.

Our fitness services include:

  • Tailored fitness improvement plans
  • Cardiovascular and weight training facility
  • Strength training sessions
  • Muscle toning exercise routines
  • Detailed diet plans, tailored to body type, fitness goals and other characteristics
  • Dietary supplements
We also offer boxing classes, designed to suit both men and women. If you're local to the Coventry and Binley area, call the staff at Fitness Factory today.
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If you are looking for effective fitness training, 
Call 024 7644 7477
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